...to the Carter Family History pages, which attempt to set out some of the information that I and my brother, Brian, have accumulated over the years. At the end of 2006 we decided to try to get some of the information down in an easily readable format by breaking it up into various articles, rather than trying to tell the whole, vast story. However, this didn't prove very fruitful, so we've changed tactics and are now intending to add random information, as and when we discover it, or when we get round to sorting through the masses of information we collected previously. If you have any information that you can add to anything you read, please email us with it.

(Newest additions first)

Descendants of William Hale and Annie Staples: Basic family tree (without dates) showing known descendants.

Bethia Hale: Information about our great great grandmother Bethia Hale, who lived at Worton, near Devizes, between 1831/2 and 1906.

(Arthur) Frank Carter: Information and a new photo of great grandfather Albert John Carter's brother, who also had connections with Upper Stratton Baptist Church.

Adolphus Adams - deacon: New information about our great great grandfather, who, along with his son, Frederick, was a deacon of Upper Stratton Baptist Church.

The Stratton fire of 1857: A long article about the fire, which destroyed the house of our great great great grandfather, James Carter.

The Weeks family: The result of Brian's interrogation of mum and Eileen (her sister) for information about their side of the family. This is relatively modern, but still fascinating.

Elizabeth Carter (Bet) - 1925-2010: An obituary, written by Brian following the death of mum on December 22, 2010.